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  • Mistr delivers the healthy benefits of ginger, ginseng & echinacea through the proven efficiency of mist inhalation
  • For an enjoyable mist, try three to five smooth inhalations at a time
  • Misting provides 80% bioavailability – making it four times more effective than pill or liquid equivalents
  • 100% Natural – No nicotine – No chemicals

Why mistr?


Mistr offers a simple product that only ever contains two ingredients: organic herbal extracts and vegetable compounds. Using natural ingredients is core to us at mistr.

No chemicals. No nicotine. The benefits of ginger, ginseng, echinacea and pure Icelandic water delivered through a herbal mist contained within a stylish brushed metal stick.

What people say about mistr

"Now I can enjoy a gossip on the smokers bench free from guilt and any nasties."
Isa, London UK, Goodness Guru
"These things are pretty cool!!! Excellent customer service. We need more people like you in this world."
Kim, Los Angeles CA
"I'm a health nut - personally and professionally. I don't smoke or vape, but as herbal mist is rapidly absorbed by the body, the process of ‘misting’ is now relaxing and reassuring for me."
Johnny, London UK, Personal Trainer
"Mistr's concept of inhaling healthy substances as opposed to nicotine is the way forward. Plus the design is perfect. I'm prone to binge smoking when drinking and its reduced that significantly."
Gary, London UK, Manager of Blue Waters

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